Everything you need to know about our NEW Auto Account Servicing PLUS program! A program that’s more than money.

When it comes to loan servicing, Sterling Credit Corp. will do the hard work for you. With over 50 years of sub-prime lending experience we will manage your portfolio as if it were our own; our team is here to make your business less stressful. You simply originate the loans and send them to us. We’ll take care of payroll, employee insurance, employee benefits, hiring, firing, repossessions, filing legal suits, collections, vehicle insurance claims, and selling your receivables for a percentage of the balances.

Sterling Credit Corp. is a bulk buying company as well. We can present an offer to purchase your accounts from you. We could even facilitate the transferring of paperwork on your behalf—all while maintaining state compliance. At Sterling Credit Corp., we’re focused on personalizing an experience to suit your business goals. We’ll provide you with reports and data so you can see how your portfolio is performing and filter your accounts for more efficient collections.

Why Sterling?

  • Our CEO has five decades worth of experience in auto lending, sales, and management
  • Sterling team and staff has combined 200+ years of experience
  • Custom built computer program tailored to generate any report imaginable, if we don’t already have it, we can make it. While following all State, Federal and bank requirements
  • Family owned and operated – you’re not considered a client, but a partner
  • Licensed in all states required for servicing and purchasing we operate in
What we offer
  • Underwriting
    • Quality control of contracts and State required paperwork per account
    • Title inventory and verification
    • Military orders and APR accommodations 
    • Lending policy verifications 
    • Cash flow projection reports, 1st , 2nd , 3rd payment default reports
  • Portfolio management
    • Borrower Communication and Support (by an experience bilingual English and Spanish staff)
    • Welcome calls and letters including privacy statements
    • Daily outbound collection calls
    • Recorded calls for quality and compliance purposes
    • Several payment options available including debit card, ACH, Google pay, Apple pay, Venmo, PayPal and even cash options across the country
    • Opt-in Text payment reminders
    • Never passes transaction fees to the customers
    • Original Documents kept in fireproof cases including water suppression, camera surveillance and alarm monitored system
  • Custodial services and security
    • Insurance verification and claim management
    • Asset recovery – we work directly with the recovery agents
    • Skip tracing 
    • Field Chase
    • Legal Correspondence
    • Cyber security insured 
    • All files scanned upon receipt
    • Double backed up file server protection
  • Management tools
    • Static Pool Analysis
    • Availability report
    • Detail performance Analysis – overall, Individual dealership and/or per location
    • Segregation of Duties 
    • Structure future deals 
    • Work directly with lenders/investors on new deals

Our door’s always open.

Stop by our offices to meet our team, take a tour of our space, and learn which of our programs best fit your dealership’s needs.