If you’re looking for a solid source of capital, Sterling Credit Corp. is here to help you unlock your cash flow and do more business. In addition to providing our clients with access to cash and liquidity, we’re proud to offer exceptional customer service, specifically designed to manage a buy-here, pay-here customer base. Individual consumers also benefit with the opportunity to improve their credit scores by having their loans reported to Equifax.

Sterling Credit Corp. purchases bulk receivables from buy-here, pay-here dealers and finance companies. Our bulk-purchasing program is tailored to benefit your dealership’s financial needs, no matter which interest method you use.

General Requirements
  • Offers can be presented on auto-note portfolios of any size (minimum of 10 accounts)
  • Less than 48 months remaining
  • Interest bearing contracts
  • APR of 15% or higher
  • Aged accounts of at least 120 days (excluding pick-up payments)
  • Vehicles under 10 years of age preferred (no more than 20 years old)
  • 200,000 miles or less 
  • No salvaged or rebuilt titles
Verification process

The verification process is designed to reduce the possibility of buy backs and ensure the best possible performance of your portfolio. We begin verifying within 24 hours of receiving your signed offer. We will contact your customers to verify the information needed to proceed with the transfer in a smooth and timely fashion. This includes their employment and/or income, address, phone numbers, and vehicle condition. The more customers we verify, the bigger the payout you’ll receive.

Throughout the process, we work hard to address any questions or concerns your customers may have about the transfer of their loan, and ensure they understand that we’re transferring their loan, not refinancing it. All rates, payment amounts and terms remain the same as with the previous dealer or lender.

For questions or concerns, please call our verification department at 407-551-2230.

Required Documentation

Any account information that can be provided in Excel format is preferable. If unavailable, the following document copies are needed in order to evaluate an account:
  1. Copy of Customerʼs Signed Credit Application
  2. Copy of Title
  3. Copy of Retail Installment Sales Contract
  4. Detailed Payment History

The original contract and title plus some additional account information/documentation (if available) will be collected at closing.

Once the requested information has been received, a purchase offer is provided typically within 24 business hours.

Customer Payments

Sterling Credit Corp. will accept the following payment methods:
  1. Bank or Cashier’s Checks
  2. Money Orders
  3. Personal Checks
  4. Cash – via PayNearMe pay slip/Barcode (NO PROCESSING FEE!)
  5. Debit Cards (NO PROCESSING FEE!)
  6. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and PayPal (NO PROCESSING FEES!)
  7. IVR Phone payments available 24/7 – (407) 214-3968
  8. Automatic Payment Transactions (NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!)
  9. MoneyGram: 14722