Sterling Credit Corp. was established in 1998. Based out of Orlando, FL, Sterling Credit Corp. is a buyer of bulk receivables, specifically non-prime retail automobile sales contracts from independent dealers that offer in-house financing to customers with limited or impaired credit.

With the help of our Central and On-Site Acquisition Specialists, Sterling Credit Corp. is currently purchasing portfolios throughout the United States but predominantly in Texas and the Southeast.

The objective of Sterling Credit Corp.'s team of lending specialists is to build long-term relationships with automotive dealers who are looking for a solid source of capital. In addition to providing dealers with the availability to cash and liquidity, Sterling Credit Corp. offers exceptional customer service with the intelligent systems in place to manage the customer bases acquired in portfolio purchases. Our dealers are confident that Sterling Credit Corp. is a stable source of funding for their cash flow requirements that provides quality collection support to their customers.

We encourage you to meet our team and contact us to begin the process of unlocking a secure source of capital for your business.