Why am I now paying my loan to Sterling Credit Corp. instead of my former loan company?

Your account and collections have been transferred to our finance company.

What should I expect now that Sterling Credit Corp. is in charge of my loan?

The only thing that has changed regarding your account is where you make your payment. Your contract terms and condition will remain the same.

How will I make my payments?

Payments will be made to:
Sterling Credit Corp.
PO BOX 162449
Altamonte Springs FL 32716

Payment methods include:

  • MoneyGram: 14722
  • Mail in check or money-order
  • Pay over the phone – Check or debit card (accepted at no additional charge)
  • Pay over the phone through our 24 hour automated payments system
  • Automatic payment transactions (accepted at no additional charge)

No refunds will be processed. Please contact customer service at 877-859-8401 if you have any questions.

Is there a benefit to me because of this account transfer?

Sterling Credit Corp., a division of Sterling Finance Company, reports to Equifax and will therefore assist in building your credit.

Will I receive any notification from Sterling Credit Corp.?

You will be notified of the transfer within 5 business days. Please contact our office if you do not receive a letter within this time period.

Who should I contact with any questions?

Please contact our office on our toll-free number (877) 859-8401.