We have a new payment provider, Pay Near Me.

In an effort to better serve our customers we have changed our payment system provider to Pay Near Me. Please re-save any links or bookmarks accordingly. SCC account numbers no longer need "51" at the beginning of your account number. SCC account numbers start with "9" and are six digits total (9XXXXX). If you have any questions please call us at 877-859-8401.

You’ve got enough worry and stress. Why should making a loan payment be the same? At Sterling Credit Corporation, we’re devoted to making your payment options as quick and easy as possible. Our payment processing options are free of charge and designed to fit your lifestyle. Choose the best one for you.

Please be aware any Online, Automated Phone, or MoneyGram payments received after operational hours will be applied to your account the next business day. For payoff information or further assistance, please call us at 877-859-8401.

Online Payments


Sterling Credit Corporation is now accepting online payments! Click the button below to begin using our new online payment application.

Make Online Payment

Cash Payments

Cash Payments

You can make cash payments 24/7 at a CVS Pharmacy and participating 7-Eleven stores near you. Simply download the payment slip and take it to the store with your cash payment. No fees applied.

Payment slip



MoneyGrams can be obtained through your local Walmart or CVS. Please fill out the form accordingly and have your name and account number included with your MoneyGram payment. Our MoneyGram receive code is 14722. Third party fees apply.

Phone Payments


When making payments by phone, for security reasons, you will be asked to verify your customer information on your Sterling Credit Corporation records. Customer service representatives are able to accept debit and ACH payments over the phone. Payments made by phone are immediately credited toward your account. All payments are processed free of charge. Call us Monday - Friday 8am-7pm ET at (877) 859-8401.

For our 24 hour automated payments system, call (407) 214-3968.

Check Payments


Check payments can be made by mail. These payments should be received by our office on or before your payment due date. Please memo your account number. Mail payments to PO Box 162449, Altamonte Springs, FL 32716.

Money Order Payments

Money Order

Money orders may be mailed to our office, and can be purchased directly or through stores like Walmart and 7-11. As with checks, money orders must be received by our office on or before your payment due date. Mail payments to PO Box 162449, Altamonte Springs, FL 32716.