Purchasing Programs to Fit Your Financial Needs

Row of cars at a car dealership

Sterling Credit Corporation offers a number of competitive purchasing programs that are customized to suit your financial needs. Our pricing is clear-cut, the purchasing process is uncomplicated and funding is immediate upon closing.

Our standard bulk purchasing requirements include the following:

  1. A minimum of 10 accounts submitted for evaluation
  2. Accounts must have a remaining term of 36 months or less
  3. Accounts must be aged at least 120 days (excluding pick-up payments)
  4. No Salvaged Titles

All accounts will be evaluated to rate their overall collateral value.

All customers will be contacted before a portfolio purchase is completed; customers are required to have a working phone number and verifiable employment (SSI is acceptable with proof of income).

Required Documentation

Any account information that can be provided in Excel format is preferable. If unavailable, the following document copies are needed in order to evaluate an account:

  1. Copy of Customerʼs Signed Credit Application
  2. Copy of Title
  3. Copy of Retail Installment Sales Contract
  4. Detailed Payment History

The original documents plus some additional account information/documentation (if available) will be collected at closing.

Once the requested information has been received, a purchase offer will be provided within 24 hours.

Customer Payments

Sterling Credit will accept the following payment methods:

  1. Bank or Cashierʼs Checks
  2. Money Orders
  3. Personal Checks
  4. Debit Cards (NO PROCESSING FEE!)
  5. Automatic Payment Transactions (NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!)
  6. MoneyGram: 14722